Deirdre & Mohammad

Deirdre and Mohammad’s wedding went far beyond what we had anticipated. We put in tremendous effort to meticulously plan a 3-day program: from the welcome dinner and friends’ dinner, to the tapas lunch and activities both inside and outside the city. We even incorporated Persian elements in the menus and decorated the sofreh table with authentic items.

However, what truly stood out was the joy we saw in their smiles and the love with which they looked at each other; and that, dear friends, had nothing to do with our work…

We met Deirdre & Mohammad through the cameras, as always happens, but from the very beginning there was an absolute connection with them… And that’s even though San Francisco is 9 hours ahead! Deirdre always with her coffee in hand, Mohammad from his workplace, and us from the heart of Seville: the perfect triangle!

The choice of Seville as the destination for their wedding was always clear, I think. They were looking for a mix of cultures, a fusion of traditions, the taste of the Mediterranean, the scent of jasmine, the touch of tiles, and the infinite light… What better destination than Seville, then?

The wedding had to be a mix of cultures: Mohammad is of Persian origin, and Deirdre is American, both from San Francisco, the most “liberal” city in the USA, so Seville was the perfect setting, being a city that has historically coexisted with all kinds of religions and cultures; a mestizo city, like them.

Hola, Sevilla.

The first night was dedicated to close friends and family, it was the pre-pre wedding! We chose a house-restaurant where their 80 guests exclusively enjoyed the garden, and a delicious tapas menu… It was the perfect preamble to embrace their loved ones (and to lose your voice, right, Deirdre?). The night ended in a nearby cocktail bar… this was not planned!

Now it's time: Welcome Dinner.

The previous night had been a success: the families were happy, they were radiant, and the Sun shone ready to give the best of Seville summer for the event of their lives. Finally, the rest of the guests arrived… Now the “official” events were beginning.

For the first night, we chose our favorite palace: Palace IX. The sensations felt in this venue are indescribable, but we guarantee that it never disappoints. We noted down the brilliant idea of Mohammad & Deirdre for future events: White Party at the Palace. We loved it!

This event had many details… but we won’t tell you about them… better come and see for yourself!

The event lasted 5 hours, 300 intense minutes in which we made available to the guests all the amenities for them to solely concentrate on one thing: enjoying an unforgettable night.

The Wedding

Let’s start with the end… How could we have predicted that almost all the guests would stay until the end?! But on the other hand, how could they not, it was the wedding of the year! The event of their lives!

Well, yes… the party lasted until 5 a.m., but it seemed like it would never end… So many things happened in that venue, between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., with those souls… What an event!

We did it!

We did it!
That must have been what Deirdre & Mohammad thought the next day, as they slowly remembered what they had experienced the night before… The feeling that Deirdre & Mohammad had the next day is indescribable, it takes many days of rest to realize the magnitude it has in every way…

At Bodas del Sur, we know the importance of this moment, and that’s why we always insist on creating an event where you can savor the “midsummer night’s dream.”

Deirdre & Mohammad (and families): you have been a part of our lives for over a year, you have inspired us, we have laughed, and cried together. We are going to miss you a lot!

This is how they remember us:

Before you even continue reading, know this: book them. Stop thinking about it. It’ll be the best decision you make.

It’s hard to put into words how perfect of a weekend Javier and Miriam created for us. It was the best weekend of our lives but somehow that still sells it short. Every single thing was perfect and thoughtfully executed to ensure the smoothest and most beautiful weekend.

We had 5 different events at our wedding (welcome dinner, rehearsal, tapas tour, wedding, pool party) and every single one was stunning and seamless. People ask what’s the one thing that went wrong at the wedding (since There’s always something)… but for us there was truly nothing. Or nothing that we, or any of our guests, are aware of. Everyone was in bliss for 4 days.

Javier and Miriam made us feel calm and taken care of at every turn of planning. They handled every complicated request with grace and generosity. They made a potentially stressful activity a lot of fun.

One thing to note is that Javier and Miriam have spectacular taste: and it’s better to learn sooner to just trust their advice. After insisting we see 5-10 options for every venue & vendor, we finally learned that Javier and Miriam’s first recommendations were correct 100% of the time. Every place / food / florist / DJ they told us we’d love, we did. Eventually we learned to put our trust in their hands and rely on their expertise and instinct to make the best wedding, and we knew that they would do so with all of our special requests in mind.

We had a Persian + western wedding that created all types of complexity. They both became as passionate about it as we were – coming up with more ideas on how to merge our cultures. They built a stunning sofreh, helped us get Iranian tiles through customs, made sure each of our venues had elements of Persian design, and found vendors that could represent both sides beautifully.

We wanted lots of music and lots of dancing, and we wanted to make sure people danced until 5am. Miriam found an jaw dropping electric violinist that came out as a surprise during dancing to play alongside the DJ. They hired an “hora loca” to come out with shots and costumes. They found a DJ that people still talk about two months later. They made sure we had late night food, hangout chairs, and dancing shoes for everyone. And in the end, with their careful planning, nearly everyone stayed til the end. It was spectacular.

The food from start to finish was perfect. Miriam even found a chef to make Persian dishes (for the first time ever) so that we could serve Persian food. Every person with dietary restrictions had their own custom meal organized with the caterers, and the waiters, so that everyone had individualized meals that catered to their restrictions (and we had a LOT).

Javier designed our dance floor: a stunning DJ stand , chandeliers, a huge neon sign… and it was incredible. The photos are all elevated by how striking the backdrop was. Also, his instinct on the speakers, lighting, and setup of the dance floor was spot on and made a huge difference.

Every detail was thought ahead of time: for instance, they asked if we would want to extend our wedding past 4:30. We told them probably not but we’d like the option just in case – they made sure that all of the vendors ahead of time were prepared to stay longer just in case. And we ended up extending by an hour and are so glad that they thought ahead so that we had the opportunity to extend the night!

My final thought is just that we love Javier and Miriam as friends now, even beyond wedding planners. We held each other and cried as we finished up the weekend. They’re deeply good down to their cores, so much fun, understanding and creative, loving, open, and the type of people you want to trust with your most special weekend. We’re already talking about planning a 10 year anniversary party just so we can work together again.

Thank you Miriam, Javier, and the whole Bodas del Sur team for giving us a truly perfect wedding. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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