Neela & Razzy

Designed for two years

Neela & Razzy’s wedding was special for us. From 2020 to May 2022 we worked together planning every detail. Neela is a designer and we learned a lot from her and her work; Razzy is a gourmet expert, and we had to first measure up to him, then exceed his expectations. As a backdrop, we had a stage where we know how to play and we never failed: the city of Seville. The team was perfect. The place too. What could go wrong?

The program in Seville started on a Thursday and ended on a Sunday. We had four days to get the guests to enjoy the city of Seville in all its breadth.

The first night was more intimate, on the patio of a well-known restaurant in the city where the closest family would have dinner, and later the friends who were arriving in the city would join.

The second night had to surprise the guests and make it worth having traveled from Miami and New York to the South of Spain. We did not want to take any risks and chose the best palace in the city for that event.

If the second night was in the best palace, the wedding venue had to be even more impressive. Neela & Razzy will never forget the first time we accompanied them to see the farm they finally chose… love at first sight.

On the last day, for brunch, it had to still be up to par, but at the same time it had to be quiet, comfortable, and close to where they were staying. Close? Not only nearby, we got the boutique hotel itself to open its doors to all guests. Paella, Bossa Nova, and lots of hugs was the perfect culmination.

We knew that the night in the palace house was going to be exciting: we anticipated speeches by the bestmen & bridesmaid, and a musical show by their favorite artist: an Egyptian who decorated this 16th century architectural jewel with his music. The night ended as the great events end: dancing!

The Persian wedding of the year in Seville

Persian weddings are special for many reasons. We especially like the aesthetics, but also the symbology. It must also be said that they are very funny!

Neela was born in New York. Razzy is from Miami. Coincidentally they met in the big city and since then they had never been apart. Even the moment they decided to move to Miami was for Neela a step that she enjoyed to be close to him. When we met them we knew that they were a couple that would always be together, that they would follow each other to any city in the world.

When a couple decides to get married 7,000 km from their home and send 200 guests to the South of Spain, it is because they have their reasons, and their reason is based on the place they dream of for the perfect wedding. Thus, the place chosen for Neela & Razzy’s wedding was decisive for getting married in Seville. As we said at the beginning, when they saw Hacienda XXIII it was a crush, and they knew that it was the place that justified the effort to bring their family and friends to Seville.

The Persian ceremony was very exciting. We had worked with Neela and her family at the Sofreh table for months; We even relied on an agency in London that helped us plan each of the elements in the right place… Every detail was planned, everything ready for the arrival of the bride and groom and the culminating moment that we had long awaited.

From this moment on, the Persian festival began in style! Razzy & Neela had included all kinds of gourmet delicacies for their guests, with cocktails at all times, Iberian ham… on the table: the best menu awaited their guests; and for the party: entertainment, dances, and churros with chocolate! There was not a minute of parenthesis between one thing and another…

That's how they remind us

Where do we even begin? In September of 2019, when we were beginning our research for our wedding, we knew we wanted to get married in Spain. We began looking into different cities and kept coming back to the idea of Sevilla- even though we had never been, we had heard such great things. When Razzy and I met Javier over a Facetime from our apartment during the pandemic in NYC, he was the instant deciding factor to why we chose to have our wedding in the south of Spain. His energy, his knowledge and expertise was exactly what we were searching for in a planner, especially for a destination neither of us had traveled to. He exceeded every expectation we ever had and when we finally met on our first trip to Spain, we knew we would create a magical weekend for our guests with him by our side. His team, especially Ana, were absolutely INCREDIBLE to work with and we cannot thank them enough. For the months leading up to it… we were exchanging daily emails, phone calls and texts and we started to feel like they were family. They took the best care of us and all of our guests left Sevilla saying they witnessed “magic.” Javi and Ana made what felt like should be difficult to plan from a different country… a BREEZE. Everything always had a solution as we were constantly problem solving! It was the best weekend of our lives without a doubt and they were able to make it happen for us. Sevilla will always have a special place in our hearts because of the memories and friends we created there. If you are considering planning your wedding in Sevilla, look no further, you won’t regret it! We love you Bodas del Sur!!!

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