Gbemisola & Atowari

African elegance

The briefing was very clear from the first moment, above all in this wedding the word “no” does not exist. Thus, we should be provided for any request of each of the 500 guests who attended this wedding from Nigeria. The highest standing of Lagos met in Seville to witness the wedding of the year of the African city, and Bodas del Sur would be the visible face of this event.

The first event was to be a “welcome gala”. So we considered the event, although a welcome a priori never has the character of “gala”, in this case it should have. The location chosen was the Casa Palacio IX, one of the best examples of Seville architecture. But it was not enough, we need content that justifies the long trip of the guests to the Andalusian capital, so different types of furniture:  iron, colonial, lounge were chosen … in addition to corners of Dom Pérignon, an exquisite decoration assembly floral, a proposal of Andalusian haute cuisine, and a studied lighting and sound project.

Attendees were amazed with the welcome that Gbemisola & Atowari had organized for them. To put the icing on the cake, a flamenco show of high flights to leave in your memories this event recorded for life.

The rain in Seville is wonderful (spanish saying)

The religious ceremony was in a well-known church in the center of Seville. The Sevillians, seeing such a spectacle of color and elegance of the guests, decided not to miss the entrance of the bride, and it was even necessary to improvise the traffic cut of the central Seville street. She entered the church with the naturalness of people accustomed to great events. He was waiting for her inside, in front of an altarpiece unique in the world.

The reception was at Hacienda XXIII. Despite its large dimensions, the assembly of the dinner was of such complexity that we had to complement the interior spaces with a tent of 1,000 square meters in which to maintain the imperial assembly that had been raised in the gardens, with a concrete seating devised in hand-painted tiles and a strict protocol. Previously, the cocktail was enlivened by a Cuban band and an equestrian show, in addition to hundreds of details …

Like the best dishes, the party had been simmering since months ago: furniture, technical rider, 3D assemblies, linoleum floors, and much more. After the fireworks, we finally saw how many months of work materialized at a party that surely would not be forgotten.

Last event for guests in love with Seville

The chosen location allowed the guests to arrive by taxi, or even walking from the center of Seville (Casa Palacio VII) with which there was no specific timing, there was no hurry, everything was ready to relax, have a cocktail, taste the exquisite gastronomic proposal with a glass of champagne, and listen to good music.

We leave you with a photo of the team after 72 hours of event …

Good Job, Bodas del Sur!

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