Palatial Home XVI

This Palace House is located in the heart of t Santa Cruz neighbourhood of Seville. This is a habited private: the furniture, the arrangement of decorative elements, including family pictures are obvious. The character of this house makes a space where attendees feel in an intimate and familiar environment. The house has Central Patio, Living room, and Garden. On the top of house there is a beautiful terrace to enjoy the view…

This Casa Palacio is formulated as an ideal space for small events that will provide you with an intimate and particular environment. Ideal for cocktail receptions, farewell brunches, or small personalize events. In this space we recommend almost no decoration and restoration, simply highlight the charms of the space itself: Bossa Nova in the Garden were the pool is , candles, dishes of La Cartuja of Seville, convent candies, bitter orange marmalade … Check out the video, and see an example of assembly!

Localización aproximada

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