Florence & Max

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Spain then Javi is your man. Bodas del Sur organised the most wonderful wedding for us and 150 guests from around the world. We could not recommend Javi more highly and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. Javi and his team are very focussed on the details, they never stress, they delivered the wedding of our dreams on budget and most importantly they are great people. BEST WEDDING PLANNER EVER.
Florence & Max

Mr. & Mrs. LOVE

Florence & Max are a unique couple; that kind of people you really miss when they’re gone. That might be the reason why we decided to take a flight and visit them in London, a few months after their wedding. It is not easy to say goodbye to Mr. & Mrs. LOVE.

Welcome to an exceptional wedding!

Florence called us one day and, two hours later, we were already working on her wedding. She had no doubt, neither she didn’t want to seek for other options. Florence trusted us from the very beginning and this gave us a stronger sense of responsibility. That’s why, when we were forced to postpone the wedding one year due to the pandemic, she didn’t care that much. She even found something positive out of it: “the weather will, for sure, be better in 2021”. The bride was right: in the original date, it rained.

The religious ceremony took place in Santa Cruz neighbourhood, in a local church, that gave them freedom to celebrate the ceremony their way, in their language and without restrictions. And best of all: Florence could walk on their own feet from the hotel, where she and Max got dressed, to the church.

"Todo es de color"

Such a luminous couple were to bring even more colour to Seville, and that is exactly what they did: Under the blue sky, the sun was shining brightly on a beautiful bride all dressed in white, and over the magnificent Hacienda surrounded by orange trees where the celebration took place.

The guests, around 150 people coming from every corner of the world, were speechless the moment they discovered the decoration set that the bride and groom had prepared for them. The venue was simply magical and it was hoped a great evening, planned to the last detail: speeches, dance, laughs and tears.

Paella, Cocktails & Laughs

Florence and Max had things clear in their mind for that farewell event: spanish food, simple but of excellent quality, a very well located venue in the city center, and sun, a lot of sun.

We chose an intimate and informal place where they could keep on enjoying their friends company. They had the chance to spend a nice time together sharing memories of the wedding day.

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