El Convite

Deep Andalucia

The idea was to reach deeper, rural and unknown Andalusia. Surprise from the rural authenticity, with the elegance of simplicity, but the abundance of a gala night.

“El Convite” was the name this couple gave to their wedding. But the name in turn carried the atmosphere that they wanted to impregnate in the guests: a wedding in which friends and family members felt at home from day one.

For this occasion, they rented a 16th-century Monastery in the Sierra de Sevilla. That would be the “operations center” where relatives and close friends were staying, however, other guests (who came from all corners of the world) sought accommodation in rural areas and boutique hotels in the area. In total, there were 180 souls wanting to have fun. Thus begins the story of “El Convite”.

“El Convite” began the day before receiving the guests in the Town Square that the City Council gave for such an occasion. A reputable nearby bar was chosen that served tapas and drinks to the attendees. An unforgettable summer afternoon in the heart of Andalusia.

The next day was the big day. The bride and groom dressed in different rooms of the Monastery with close friends, family, and a glass of champagne. For the ceremony the place chosen was the old chambers of the Carthusian monks, now in ruins, that gave a “rural” touch and would help to cause the great impact that the guests lived when they entered the area where dinner was prepared: the old one church.

Let the "Fiesta" begin!

As we were working on the design project of this “Convite” we realised that Fellini was present in small details, so we decided to bet on that aesthetic and make it present in the great details.

The church was decorated thanks to a lighting project that was designed for weeks, but also thanks to utensils and materials from different suppliers that made this assembly a unique event. The musical menu during dinner was studied meticulously: they began with soundtracks typical of the Italian cinema of the 60s, and ended with Héctor Lavoe. Imagine: Between song and song, the town band went through the church in the purest Fellini style. The food was served at the center of the tables, where the guests were served wine and champagne at will, and where the waiter service was reduced to mere support. And, as we said, we were in a “Convite” and the protagonists were the guests …

Food, champagne, good Andalusian wine were shared, but madness was also shared, with an impromptu conga, the town band going through the dinner space, and dancing, a lot of dancing …

Deejays friends of the couple and the sharp guitars of the Bird Band put a golden clasp on an unforgettable wedding.

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