Neda & Zabie

A great white welcome party

They say of the Persians that they are kind beings. After meeting Neda and Zabie, we can assure you.

This is a movie wedding, with some protagonists that dazzled us with their sympathy and generosity.

The pre wedding was a great white night in one of the most beautiful palaces in the city. In the center of Seville. There was music and a flamenco show that they really enjoyed! The photos speak for themselves.

Persian wedding in Seville

The wedding was at a Hacienda not far from the city center. An Hacienda de Olivar characterized by a patio and a typical Sevillian construction of the 18th century.

A destination Persian weddings in Seville is a challenge, for the amount of symbolism that the traditional Persian wedding ceremony takes, it is a challenge and a luxury to organize them, and enjoy them because they are wonderful. They require a very careful assembly, with a great role in the decoration of the “Sofreh” ceremony

Preparation of the elements of the Sofré. They are all objects loaded with symbolism related to the union of the couple.

Persian ceremonies are characterized by having a beautiful table full of symbolism, in which the women of the families are brought from their home countries and their ancestors elements with great meanings and gather around the table to place everything perfect. Before leaving they burn Ruda (aromatic herb) to purify the table and the ceremony.

Dinner and party

Dinner was and the party was held in the courtyard of the Hacienda, with a DJ who mixed his songs by raising all the guests from their chairs.

The famous knife dance (Raghseh Chagoo) was not lacking, where the women of the family and friends dance to the rhythm of Persian music with the knife in exchange for money. They pass the knife from one to another until they consider it time to let the couple cut the cake!

It was a wedding for the memory, visual: because it was magical and emotional: because Neda and Zabie took a little piece of our hearts. We take precious memories of this wedding.

Thank you!

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