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An unique Wedding

“The world is changing”. That should have been thought by Romit’s parents when he told them that he was marrying his partner Walter. This wedding was a unique wedding, and we do not say it, but the Hindu guests who attended, many of them, their first same-sex wedding.

For Bodas del Sur it was a great honor to work in this event, in which we knew we were going to exceed many limits imposed by an ancient culture. We were willing to do it.

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From the first conversation we were captivated by both the same and the other: their “elegance”. Elegance in writing, elegance in speaking with us, in expressing your wishes, elegance in listening to us, elegance in dressing, elegance on the day of the wedding, and months later when they passed through Seville to greet us. In a way, with them we learned that being elegant goes further. Thanks, Romit & Walter.

The wedding must be a mixture of cultures: Romit was of Hindu origin, but Walter was South American, so Seville was the perfect mestizo and representative scenario of both cultures. The rural environment did not fit the aesthetics they wanted to give their wedding, so Palacios were the Venues chosen.

The pre wedding was in Palace IX, one of the best palace in the city that was fill with color and good music, in addition to the best gastronomy and of course, cocktails … and this first night had to be unforgettable for the two families that had just met.

And the day arrived ..

The previous night had been a success: the families were happy, they were radiant, and the Sun shone ready to give the best of the Sevillian summer for the event of their lives. Nothing could fail, and nothing failed.

Both chose two suites of a prestigious hotel in Seville, where they shared Champagne, advice from their friends and family, and a flamenco show exclusively for them …

The ceremony was held in the most prestigious hotel in the city, and the reception in a nearby palace house where every detail was studied, designed, planned and executed. And as we said, with elegance you arrive where others do not arrive …

A few meters from the palace where the reception was held.

May the Party not end!

They wanted to extend the celebration a little longer, and above all, to quietly enjoy so many important people at once. For this, a cocktail bar was rented in the center of Seville where the last goodbye was celebrated.

If it happens to you like us, who never tire of seeing this wedding, we encourage you to see part of the photo report that Niccolo Guasti made for this couple.

Unforgettable Romit & Walter …

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