Anabel & Lennart

Thanks Anabel & Lennart...

I will be eternally grateful to Javier and his team at Bodas del Sur  -Wedding Planner Sevilla –  for helping me create my fairy tale wedding in Andalucía. Right from the very first contact, Javier’s elegant sense of style was evident, as was his extreme efficiency. As a fashion editor, I have hard-to-meet standards and expectations, but Javier quickly aligned with my creative vision and was one step ahead from then on. The execution of the event was flawless, and the entire team, namely Inma and Martina, is just as skilled. If you are hesitating on having a wedding in Seville, or whether Bodas del Sur is the right team, DON’T.

Estaré eternamente agradecido a Javier y a su equipo en Bodas del Sur – Wedding Planner Sevilla –  por ayudarme a crear mi boda de cuento de hadas en Andalucía. Desde el primer contacto, el elegante sentido del estilo de Javier era evidente, al igual que su extrema eficiencia. Como editor de moda, tengo estándares y expectativas difíciles de cumplir, pero Javier rápidamente alineado con mi visión creativa y estaba un paso adelante a partir de entonces. La ejecución del evento fue impecable, y todo el equipo, a saber, Inma y Martina, es igual de hábil. Si estás dudando en tener una boda en Sevilla, o si Bodas del Sur es el equipo adecuado, no lo hagas.

Articulo en prensa

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Prewedding at the Palace IX

“Anabel & Lennart” wanted to make the most of the occasion with the pre-wedding events. In order to enjoy the excitement of this great event in their lives, they gave a unique welcome to their friends and family.

In our case “Anabel & Lennart” they chose a Palace House in the historic center of Seville for a lively pre wedding with innovative food, cheerful toasts and fun moments.

Romantic Hacienda for the Reception

They have something special, something that catches us, perhaps because their protagonists are very special, because their love story is a powerful, exciting story.

Anabel is Canadian, Lennart German, living in London. All his friends and family came from different places, it was really a great day, in a unique place, Seville, where they gave themselves yes. Not only would it be a wedding and nothing else, but it was a coexistence of several days … a great wedding!

With a list of 100 guests, the celebration was intimate and charming and I promise you will want to jump directly to the screen when you see the images.

Inspiration in architecture and history, with exteriors adorned with vines, vessels, with an abundance of flowers of white and cream texture and with an intimate and elegant aesthetic.

Reception at Hacienda IV

Creating a truly unique space to build something amazing.

Above all we will never forget Anabel´s face when saw the setup !.

Second Ceremony – Jewish ceremony

And “Fiesta”, “mucha fiesta”! 

What a wedding! We will always remember it and basically because we still having a close relationship with Anabel & Lennart 😉

What a night...! Let's talk about it at this private house...?

For this event, an intimate and informal place was chosen where you can continue enjoying the company of the guests, savoring the memories of an unforgettable day and having time to talk.

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