Zev & Kristin

Welcome to Shones' Fair!

You can look at Seville from many perspectives, but without a doubt, having fun would be one of the most characteristics.

Through The April’s Fair in Seville, you can understand how the Sevillians are and everything that it represents: a colorful path where to spend the time dancing, tempting, and where the clock stops.

Zev and Kristi knew about it and they decided to welcome their guests with an event inspired by April’s Fair.

Come on in and see the show…

A lot of colors to be combined with a Spring Sevillian night

Gala Night in Seville

After a long night of dancing, talking and flamenco, Zev and Kristin had prepared a Gala night for their wedding evening.

They wanted to surprise their guests, but most of them were coming from NYC, so we had a big challenge. We have to say that they were a couple who encouraged us to work on unconventional ideas.

The ceremony was one of the biggest successes of the wedding. We thought about a space we have never worked in before. The result blew away everybody, even to Bodas del Sur!

After all the emotion, it was time to relax…

We knew the dinner area perfectly, and for this reason, we took the risk of making a different set-up, where the central dance floor had the leading role.

Usually, the guests at a wedding might feel that can’t be more surprises after dinner left or that they have already experienced all the big surprises, but as we said at the beginning, in this wedding we needed to surprise till the end, so we needed to make the party unforgettable…

Así nos recuerdan

We are at a loss for words to express how AMAZING working with Laura was. Because my family is from Spain and Sevilla is such a beautiful city, my husband and I, who both live in New York City, decided to have a May 2022 wedding. In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, when no one could travel abroad, we began working with Bodas del Sur. We completely trusted them to help us choose the locations for our three-day event without us seeing any of them first, which at the time felt overwhelming. On our trip to Sevilla in 2021, we met Laura for the first time, yet it already felt like we had known her forever. Laura did a fantastic job of being attentive throughout the entire process and bringing our idea to life. She is meticulous and incredibly patient, especially when my husband wanted to know every little expense. All of our family and friends left Sevilla saying how magical our wedding weekend was. Laura was able to fully immerse each and every guest into my beautiful culture. Sevilla has always held a particular place in our hearts, but now even more so because of the memories we made there with our loved ones. If you’re getting married and searching for a wedding planner in Sevilla, Laura is the ONE! Thank you for everything you did for us throughout the process, Laura, we gained an incredible friend out of this. Te queremos tanto!!

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